Hicoin has signed to perform the 1 billions USD investment agreement.

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Hicoin has signed to perform the 1 billions USD investment agreement.

Hicoin has signed to perform the 1 billion USD investment agreement with HMK Holdings owned by Angel Ferdinand Marcos, the ambassador of GIDIFA in the Phillippines on the 15th, Sep. 2017.

The investment for Hicoin will be executed a total of 1 billions USD over five times per 1 years and will be used for Hicoin and blockchain based business. Hicoin officials will raise practicality using technologies that can be used like cash in real life by adding block chaining-based technology and providing Hicoin real-time payment functions and in addition have plan to open its own exchange and promote its listing on the world’s leading exchange to increase the convenience of Hicoin trading.

In addition, the execution agreement for MOA regarding gold backup which was signed last November was concluded. This is 1 billion gold back-up agreement with GIDIFA’s gold deposit bank, AU BRD Bank, and it is expected to function as a real money based on the gold backup and complement the weakness of the virtual money that exists on the computer. And because of this agreement, Hicoin will become the world’s first gold backed-up cryptocurrency.

Hicoin’s official said “This agreement will enable to make Hicoin a GIDIFA coin by being used by utilizing GIDIFA’s worldwide networks and expects that users of GIDIFA coin will be more interested in it”

On the other hand, HiCoin will build a block-chain ecosystem based on Hicoin through strategic collaboration with GIDIFA by providing technology, operation and technical advice on the block chain.

HiCoin is a hybrid cryptocurrencywith POW / POS algorithm, currently trading at five international exchanges, and has a desktop / mobile wallet and will provide a platform for real-time payment via smartphones.

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