Hicoin(XHI) reached and exchange a MOA with GIDIFA

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Hicoin(XHI) reached and exchange a MOA with GIDIFA

Hicoin reached and exchanged a MOA on the establishment of a cryptocurrency bank with GIDIFA in the Philippines on November 21st.

Hicoin is a mining cryptocurrency coin with 10 billion digits issued by a distributed processing database based on the block chain algorithm, and has an integrated exchange, payment solution and ATM system with a wallet applied the best security solution developed in-house.

Hicoin was registered on c-cex.com and trading volume is the second largest cryptocurrency coin after Bitcoin. It is in cooperation with and payable at shopping mail in China, Thailand and America and is the most promising cryptocurrency coin in the future because it is expanding market with attractive solutions.

GIDIFA, registered in Philippine, acknowledged a promising value of Hicoin and completed a MOA on strategic alliance and the establishment of a cryptocurrency bank on Nov 21st. MOA states that Hicoin provide the cryptocurrency coin, coin-related technology and a worldwide network while GIDIFA provide a gold backup of $1,000 billion through PBNA Bank to make Hicoin an internationally popular cryptocurrency.

As a result on MOA with GIDIFA Hicoin has the possibility to have the ability to function as a global cryptocurrency just like currency. This is the first innovational event in the cryptocurrency industry. Cryptocurrency as a virtual currency has been difficult to spread to various negative factors in the meantime, but due to this MOA for gold backup, Hicoin is getting attention because it can solve these negative problem at once.

It is also expected to raise value of Hicoin because Hicoin developed supplementary system and established alternative to solve the disadvantages of bit coin, severe fluctuation of price range and difficulty to apply to the real economy

Representative of Hicoin who signed the MOA, said and expressed his own ambition, “Our Hicoin will play a big role in the explosive growth of the cryptocurrency industry”

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